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This is a professionnal grade MySQL database framework that we have developped and improved for years. It enables you to avoid writing and re-writing all the repetitive
queries and all the fetch arrays, help protect you against
injections, and offer you a very robust, but simple way to interact with your MySQL 5 databases.


– Fully object oriented (use classes)
– Use one class file per database table
– Automatically recognize your database tables and fields.
– Automatically generate the tables class files.
– Prevent
injections my escaping bad characters.
– All functions are centralized in one single file.
– Supports MySQL 5 and uses MySQLi.
– Fully documented.
– Open only one MySQL connection per page, and close it at the end.

The installation is very simple:
1/ You need to define your database access information (host, name, username and password)
2/ You lanch the script that recognize your database and generate all the classes for you.
3/ You include the frameword with one single include();
4/ You can then start using your new framework.

How to use:
Let’s suppose you have a table called “article”, containing 3 fields: id, title, description.
Just instantialize the class called Article ($a1 = new Article()) and call the methods that you need (to select, update, insert, delete and provide custom queries…)

Full documentation provided with the source code.

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Download MySQL database Auto Framework

Download MySQL database Auto Framework

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