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Team Booking – the innovative WordPress booking plugin
A deep Google Calendar integration
Team Booking is a WordPress booking and reservation plugin for appointments and services with a very distinctive feature: all the availability plans are made via Google Calendar!
Make availability plans through Google Calendar…
Calendar events become free slots, ready to be booked…
Once booked, the relative Google Calendar event will be updated!
Why “team”? Because availability plans can be made by multiple “coworkers”!
Just some plugin’s features
A complete booking solution – services, events, appointments, rooms and so on…
Planning via Google Calendar – use your Google Calendar to plan availability and manage reservations
Collaborative – specify WP roles allowed to be coworkers. They can work together for the same service, but keep their own Google Calendars for planning!
Customizable – tweak general and personal reservation behaviour, frontend calendar style, maps, confirmation email and more.
Hassle-free – the frontend booking calendar works out of the box with shortcodes!
Reservation form builder – create your perfect reservation forms!
Payments – with PayPal!
Confirmation and notification email system – build custom email content with dynamic user data
Logs and stats – a full reservations database, downloadable as *.CSV and *.XLSX files
Language support – via .po and .mo files
…and more to come!
Can I place repeating or full-day slots?
Yes. All these Google Calendar possibilities are perfectly matched by Team Booking! Repeating slots in Google Calendar will help you with repeating availabilities, so you don’t have to create every single slot manually!
Can I place a slot without an ending time, i.e. appointments with unknown duration?
Can I place different frontend calendars by coworker or service?
Yes. Not only, you can also mix them up as you prefer, via shortcodes.
Can I choose not to show the calendar to unregistered users?
Yes. You can either choose to show the calendar in read-only mode for unlogged users.
Will the unregistered users be invited to register?
Yes. The registration landing page is the WP default one, or you can choose any link to a custom registration page.
Is Team Booking responsive?
Yes, and gracefully
Need customers a Google account?
No, they don’t.
To set availability, there is no other way than using Google Calendar(s)?
No, this plugin is made for that.
Team booking is developed and tested with WordPress 3.8+ and strictly requires PHP 5.3.3+.

Please consider that the above requirements are not there as a joke, in order not to end up like this:

PHP 5.2’s end of life date was back on 2011. Using old versions may expose you or your clients to security vulnerabilities and bugs that have been fixed in more recent versions of PHP.

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Download Team Booking - WordPress booking system

Download Team Booking - WordPress booking system

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